2 thoughts on “Black Friday Weekend with Chautona Havig!

  1. I am going to make a confession: I don’t like Kindle books. I do occasionally read KIndle books and we use them frequently in our homeschool. But I prefer the feel of a book.

    However, a great deal on a great book makes reading on the Kindle worth it! . And last night I was up until 2am reading 31 Kisses by Chautona. It was so good and I loved it!
    I have not given a Kindle book as a gift but I know a person or two who this would work well for.

    • I like kindle books because they are so affordable that I can buy a LOT of them. LOL Also, I don’t have that much shelf space.
      I have also enjoyed the feature that allows you to lend and borrow books. But I do own quite a few paper books, including several by Chautona Havig.

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