“Escape to Morning” by Susan May Warren

Since (re)reading this book a week ago, I have (re)read two others in the series. I like to read in clumps, and I enjoy re-reading books if I liked them the first time. 🙂 But even as I read the others, I continued to think about the character of Will Masterson from “Escape to Morning.” Ms. Warren skilfully portrayed the condition of a man who, having been saved, is left floundering in his knowledge of God. He knows he wants to be “God’s man,” and apparently the Holy Spirit has been working in him enough that he has a basic understanding of the right and wrong things to do in most situations. He even has some scripture at the tip of his tongue, vague remnants of a childhood shared with Christian people.

Will seems desperate to know more, to help him navigate his changing relationships and complex career. What now, God? He honestly is clinging to his faith, but he is all alone. This is not a theological blog, and I know I am oversimplifying, but God did not create man to live an isolated life. He put us in supportive communities and bestowed spiritual gifts to build up the body of believers. Will grew in confidence and understanding once he had people to provide Christian fellowship and teaching.

Faith, salvation, conversion – they are all we need, in the end, but while we are here on this earth, we need other things. Jesus said that man lives by every word that proceedeth from the word of God. We need that knowledge and we need teachers and friends. Susan May Warren demonstrated this simply, in the context of the story, without one word that sounded like preaching.

The rest of the book – and the whole series – are good, too! One of my favorite series.

Note – I like to be read to, so I have the audio versions of these books.