A Christmas Collection for your Kindle ~ Using Kindle Collections to Organize your Library

A Chirstmas Collection for your Kindle - Kindle Collections

After a couple years of gobbling up 99 cent novella collections like they were potato chips (can’t eat just one?), as well as almost every other Chirstian Christmas book I’ve come across, I realized I had a problem. I opened my Kindle to look for a book from last year, and I couldn’t find it!  I already have a few collections in my account, so I added a Christmas collection, and now they are all in one place. Just clicking on the Christmas Collection link and seeing all those book covers gets me in the Christmas spirit!

Do you already use Kindle collections? If you don’t, I recommend that you start a few of them! On my Kindle Fire 7, I click on the library menu button in the upper left corner, and one of the menu items is “collections.” Click on that, and from there, you create a collection just like you would create a new folder in your computer’s documents library. When you want to move a book into a collection, from the regular library screen,  touch and hold the book cover until a check mark appears on it, then click the PLUS (+) button in the upper right hand corner. It will give you a list of your collections to choose from. Other versions of the Kindle and Fire tablets may be a little different.

I have Kindle collections for cookbooks, writing books, Christian nonfiction, certain prolific authors, and Christmas. I also have a collection for things I have downloaded or emailed to my kindle, because they don’t otherwise show up in my library and can be hard to find.

So now you can upload more Christmas books and find them easily next November when you are ready to settle in for a long winter’s night of reading! Did you check out this list of  eleven 99 cent Christmas novella collections?

Christmas Novella Collections - 99 cents and FREE for Kindle Unlimited!


Naturally, I have to recommend Making Spirits Bright, which is this year’s Christmas Lights novella collection, with fun and heartwarming stories by Chautona Havig, April Hayman, Toni Shiloh and myself! 

Making Spirits Bright ~ a Christmas novella collection from Cathe Swanson, Chautona Havig, April Hayman and Toni Shiloh

Do you use Kindle Collections? What collections have you created?