Hello! I am Cathe Swanson, a displaced Minnesota Swede. 30 years ago, I married a military man, and my life changed from “familiar and comfortable” to “unpredictable and nomadic.” In the first 20 years of our marriage, we lived in 22 houses. As long as our family was together, it was okay. As David said, “The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.” We always lived in beautiful places.

While I was meeting strange and wonderful people and experiencing life in different parts of America and Europe, I was busy with a growing family and other projects. I homeschooled my sons and saw them safely off to college and/or the military, established in careers and married. I have five grandchildren so far – homeschooled, of course. (If you want to meet a group of strange and wonderful people, attend a homeschool convention.)


For over twenty years, I have been teaching quiltmaking locally and across the United States, meeting new people everywhere I go. I also sell garments and quilts and facilitate bridal quilting bees and ministry events for women. I had planned to develop this business – GloryQuilts – after I retired from homeschooling, but God had a different project for me first. He wanted me to get a real job.

It started simply enough. I worked as an in-home caregiver, about 24 hours a week. It was meaningful work, and I was fascinated by the people I cared for. Then I was promoted. Within four years, I was running the daily operations of the business and managing 75 caregivers and 100 elderly and disabled clients. The stress became unbearable and God released me from that responsibility. I am glad it’s over, but those four years affected me profoundly. I feel very connected to elderly people now, and they are primary characters in most of my books.

After 25 years or so, I realized that if I had stayed in my beloved Minnesota, I would not have been given these experiences and ideas.  A lifetime of people and experiences are in my head and heart, waiting to be shaped into stories, and this is the time.

My spiritual gift is telling people what to do. Unfortunately, ever since the boys grew up, I haven’t found anyone whose spiritual gift is doing what I tell them. Writing is the perfect outlet for that gift. Most of the time, the characters I create are pretty well-behaved. If they aren’t cooperative, we discuss the matter and find a compromise.

Here on this digital page, I will be sharing stories of semi-fictional people, places and events, some of which will be shaped into books later. I will be interviewing interesting people, including some of my favorite writers, and having guest bloggers. I may even have some insightful observations on life in general, but I will try to keep those to a minimum.

A good writer has to be a good reader, and I enjoy talking about the books I read, so I will be publishing book reviews regularly. I read old and new books, and I don’t mind rereading them if I liked them the first time. I prefer Christian mystery/suspense fiction, but I enjoy classic detective stories a la Dorothy L. Sayers, too, as well as “clean” action-adventure tales from Clive Cussler and similar authors. And I don’t mind romance, as long as it has a real plot to it, too.


I listen to audiobooks because I love to be read to! It works well for me, too, because I do so much sewing. My hands and head are both occupied when I listen stories while I work. Audiobooks are complex because the reader’s interpretation of the story can affect the “flavor” of the book tremendously. In this blog, I will be reviewing some of the books I listen to.


I do read regular books, too, because not all books are available in audio format. Right now, there are many good independent authors out there who have not yet published audiobooks. It’s a growing industry, so I hope they will!

If you are interested in hearing my opinions (isn’t everyone??) subscribe to this page and read them in your email. I enjoy book discussions, so let me know what you think after you read or listen to the books I review.

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