ACFW Christian Fiction ~ New Releases ~ July 2020

July 2020 Preorders and New Releases Do you enjoy Christian Fiction?  Check out these new books from American Christian Fiction Writers  (ACFW) members!  More in-depth descriptions of these ACFW Christian Fiction books can be found at –   a searchable website for the best in ACFW Christian Fiction of every genre. Contemporary Romance:   How Sweet It Is by Robin Lee Hatcher — A businessman trying to reconnect with his brother returns to his hometown and rents the apartment where his great-great-grandparents lived during the late 1920s. He never suspects his attractive landlady, a struggling restaurant owner who works with women at a local shelter, is the one person who might help him reach his brother. (Contemporary Romance from HarperCollins Christian Publishing)   Love’s Autumn Harvest by Patricia Lee — A widow, a divorcee, and a widower find themselves in a love triangle that gets complicated as each one finds themselves drawn into the tangled web they weave. (Contemporary Romance from Mountain Brook Ink) Ready to Trust by Tina Radcliffe — Rancher Reece Rainbolt’s shocked to learn he’s inherited half of Claire Ballard’s family farm—and that he’s a father. Now Claire’s determined to break ties with the man who once Read More

The Killing Tide ~ Dani Pettrey’s Coastal Guardian Series

The Killing Tide Several years ago, I found the audiobook Submerged on my library’s website. I’d never heard of the author before, but it ticked all the right boxes: Christian, suspense, family, exciting location, and intriguing story. I LOVED that book. I bought a copy for my Kindle, and I’ve read it several times. And listened to it again, too.  As each new book in the series was released, I bought the digital book and borrowed the audio from the library.  Later, Ms. Pettrey wrote a prequel novella, and I got that one, too.  The Alaskan Courage Series is s till one of my very favorite series.  She next wrote the Chesapeake Valor series, and I enjoyed those, too. So when Celebrate Lit announced openings for The Killing Tide blog tour, I signed up immediately.  By then, I’d already listened to the book, and I knew what I wanted to say about it! Dani Pettrey writes tightly-plotted, complex stories. They are always interesting, with surprises and plot twists that feel plausible.  Because The Killing Tide  is the first book in a new series (Coastal Guardians), there was a lot of information  and many characters to introduce.  It was just a Read More

Out with the Old, In with the New

I hope you are healthy and staying safe. We are doing well here. My husband is an essential worker, so he goes to work as usual, and I work at home, so our daily life hasn’t changed much. And yet, everything is changing.  Recently, we helped our youngest son and his family move away, to a town two hours west of here, and in 22 days, my husband and I will leave Wisconsin, where we have lived for twenty years, and move to Minnesota, where he will start a new (still essential) job. We are looking forward to being close to my parents and siblings and especially excited to be near our oldest son and his family, who have previously been the ones furthest away. Everything is changing,  but some things remain the same. We’ll just be “staying at home” in a new place! Out with the old and in with the new It’s time to retire the Kindle edition of the 2019 Christmas Lights Collection: All is Bright. For just today, April 17, and tomorrow, the 18th, you can “buy” it FREE or add it to your Kindle Unlimited bookshelf. Don’t delay, because on Sunday morning, it will go Read More

116 Christian Fiction Kindle Books in every genre – no strings attached!

Have you been reading more, in this time of social distancing?  I hope you are.  Social media is full of panic and forebodings. Even Christians, with our faith in a God who loves and protects us, can be alarmed by the news. We need words of encouragement, uplifting stories to brighten our days. Right now, many Christian authors are offering their Kindle books free, just to bless readers in this time of uncertainty.  Take this opportunity to fill up your e-reader with good books that glorify God. Most of these books will only be free for a few days, so be sure to check the price before you order them! I scanned the listings and reviews to make sure they really are Christian fiction, but I haven’t read them all. The books come with no strings attached, but I have a couple of suggestions if you’d like to thank the author.  First, leave an Amazon review.  It doesn’t have to be long or fancy – just a note that you enjoyed the book. Second, if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber and the book is available in Kindle Unlimited, consider borrowing and reading it that way. It’s not required. You Read More

Newly-Free Christian Novels ~ No Strings Attached

Updated March 28 Here’s another list of newly-free Christian books! I hope you are reading good and encouraging books during this time of quarantine.  If you live in a pleasant climate, take your Kindle outside and read in the fresh air and sunshine! Here in Wisconsin, we’re still having fires in the fireplace every evening. That’s a cozy way to read! I’m so blessed by the number of Christian authors who are giving away their books right now, to help others through this challenging time.  The books come with no strings attached, but I have a couple of suggestions if you’d like to thank the author.  First, leave an Amazon review.  It doesn’t have to be long or fancy – just a note that you enjoyed the book. Second, if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber and the book is available in Kindle Unlimited, consider borrowing and reading it that way. The author gets paid for Kindle Unlimited page reads, even if the book is also available free.  If your Kindle Unlimited shelf is already full, though, go ahead and buy it (free), so you can read it later. It’s a gift. Romance and Women’s Fiction KNOX: The Montana Marshalls Read More

Free Christian Books – Mystery, Suspense, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Women’s Fiction and more

Updated March 28, 2020 Wow! So many free books this week, to entertain us in this time of quarantine.  All of these Kindle books are absolutely free on Amazon right now – no strings attached – but it would be a great blessing to thank these generous authors by leaving a review when you finish a book.  In each of these lists, I’ve been committed to including only books with a clear Christian worldview – books that glorify God. This has been challenging, because sometimes the Amazon categories aren’t accurate. When I wasn’t sure a book was specifically Christian in content, I read the description page, the author bio, and the reviews. The hardest part of this process was with the Science Fiction and Fantasy books. I had no idea there were so many Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy books! Many young people like these genres, and I wanted to have a “trustworthy” list for you. I might have missed some good ones, and I might have included something that you won’t find “Christian enough,” but I did my best! Previous Lists of Free Books Contemporary Christian Romance Amish and Historical Romance  I know I said this would be the Read More