Home Run

Home Run

Phoebe Schenstrom is falling apart. Ben Taylor is moving on. Can their friendship find new roots in the dense, Michigan forest?

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About the Book

Phoebe Schenstrom is capable, smart, and calm in all circumstances – the perfect director of women’s and children’s ministries at the Unity Plenkiss Community Center. Maintaining that reputation is getting hard, though, and Phoebe is burning out fast. When a clash – or two – with clients leads to her suspension, she needs to prove she’s more than just a babysitter.

Her brother’s adventure camps for city kids might give her a chance to save her job, but he’s invited Ben Taylor to help with it, and Phoebe doesn’t want to give Ben the wrong idea… and she certainly doesn’t want him to think he’s her fallback plan.

Ben’s changed, too. He isn’t the irresponsible young man Phoebe rejected three years ago. He’s achieved his doctorate in physical therapy and is starting a new life, with a good job and a home for his children. While the kids spend the summer with their grandparents, he’s looking forward to working with his friend, building a Christian camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He didn’t expect Phoebe to be there.

Working together means seeing each other in a new light, but just when it looks like they might get a fresh start, things start going wrong. Vandalism and hostility obstruct them at every turn, and knowing who to trust becomes more important than ever.

Can Phoebe and Ben’s friendship find new roots in the dense, Michigan forest? Or will the ghosts of the past prove you really can’t go home again?

Series: Hope Again
Genres: Romantic Suspense, Thriller
Publisher: Cathe Swanson
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Kindle
Length: Novel
eBook Price: 4.99
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