The Show Must Go On

  The Show Must Go On Going out to the Empire in 1926 wasn’t just a one-movie event. The films were part of an evening’s entertainment, which also included live music from the theater’s orchestra and Mighty Wurlitzer – the best theater organ in America. There was even more – various kinds of entertainment including a vaudeville troupe – musicians, dancers, comedians, actors, illusionists, and more. These troupes traveled from one theater to another by train. They did it all the time. It should have been routine.  Then there was the Great Train Derailment. It didn’t just go off the tracks, like an ordinary train derailment. This one flung its passengers through time and space. The famous New York talent agency, Tobler and Jones, had promised to send some of their best acts to accompany the Empire’s debut of Charlie Chaplin’s new film, The Gold Rush, but when they hadn’t arrived in time for rehearsal the previous day, I began to worry. An expensive long-distance telephone call assured me they were on their way. Then we heard about the Great Train Derailment. All over the country, according to the newsies, train passengers were showing up in the wrong places – Read More

Who Spilled the Beans?

It’s day three of the launch festivities for A Giant Murder by Marji Laine. A Giant Murder is Book Two in the Ever After Mystery series from Celebrate Publishing, and the series authors are sharing a fun mini blog hop this week, asking the question: Who Spilled the Beans? There will be prizes, too, of course! If you missed the first two posts, click HERE to start with Liz Tolsma.   Who Spilled the Beans? Some people say I can’t keep a secret, but they are wrong. I keep plenty of secrets. This particular secret wasn’t mine to share, so I didn’t. Something is going on. Something bookish. I admit that much, but Celebrate Lit is keeping everything tightly under wraps. Frankly, I’m not a part of it at all. It’s not my business. So, when a mob of mad librarians cornered me outside the theater, I refused to answer their questions. I wasn’t about to spill the beans to a bunch of bitter book pushers. I explained to them, in all the multi-syllabic words at my command, that they needed to talk to someone with more authority – specifically, that Sandy Barela person.  Or any of the usual suspects: Read More

Who Stole Cinderella’s Shoe?

This is an exciting day! As you may have heard, I have an upcoming book in Celebrate Lit’s Ever After Mysteries series.  You will love this collection of fairytale-inspired mysteries set in the 1920’s! My book, Murder at the Empire, won’t be released until October 5 (although you can preorder it HERE), but the first one in the series, The Last Gasp by Chautona Havig, is available TODAY! To celebrate the release, the Ever After authors are doing a short blog hop, complete with a mini-mystery story and prizes. I get to go first, telling the story of Cinderella’s Missing Shoe.  (Spoiler Alert: I don’t have it!) Every day this week, another author will share her part of the story!   Who stole Cinderella’s Shoe? I’ve always been a rule-follower. I don’t steal things. I don’t even covet things. At least, I never did before, until I saw The Shoe. I still don’t know what came over me. I’ve visited art museums and seen many beautiful things in my life. The Empire movie palace is filled with amazing and exotic treasures, and none of them ever tempted me. It wasn’t until John Starek – the Emperor himself – showed me Read More

The Purple Nightgown by A.D. Lawrence

About the Book Book: The Purple Nightgown Author: A.D. Lawrence Genre: Christian Historical Suspense Release date: March, 2021 Marvel at true but forgotten history when patients check into Linda Hazzard’s Washington state spa in 1912 and soon become victim of her twisted greed. Book 10 in the True Colors series—Fiction Based on Strange-But True History Heiress Stella Burke is plagued by insincere suitors and nonstop headaches. Exhausting all other medical aides for her migraines, Stella reads Fasting for the Cure of Disease by Linda Hazzard and determines to go to the spa the author runs. Stella’s chauffer and long-time friend, Henry Clayton, is reluctant to leave her at the spa. Something doesn’t feel right to him, still Stella submits herself into Linda Hazzard’s care. Stella soon learns the spa has a dark side and Linda a mean streak. But when Stella has had enough, all ways to leave are suddenly blocked. Will Stella become a walking skeleton like many of the other patients or succumb to a worse fate? Review I’ve enjoyed the True Colors books that I’ve read – fictionalized stories based on historical true crimes. This one was unusual and interesting.  The author did a good job of Read More

Fragments of Fear by Carrie Stuart Parks

Fragments of Fear From award-winning author Carrie Stuart Parks comes a new novel with danger that reaches from a New Mexico Anasazi archaeological dig to micro- and nano-chip technology. Evelyn Yvonne McTavish-Tavish to her friends-had her almost perfect world in Albuquerque, New Mexico, come to a crashing end with the suicide of her fiancé. As she struggles to put her life back together and make a living from her art, she’s given the news that her dog is about to be destroyed at the dog pound. Except she doesn’t own a dog. The shelter is adamant that the microchip embedded in the canine-with her name and address-makes it hers. Tavish recognizes the dog as one owned by an archaeologist named Pat Caron because she did a commissioned drawing of the two of them months earlier. The simple solution is to return the dog to his owner, but she arrives only to discover Caron’s murdered body. After meeting undercover FBI agent Sawyer Price the mystery deepens as more people start disappearing and Tavish becomes a target as well. Her only solution is to find the links between microchip technology, an Anasazi site in the desert, her fiancé’s death, a late-night radio Read More

Christian Fiction in every genre and an Amazon gift card!

Have you read Christian fiction lately? Check out the awesome collection of  books in this giveaway! It’s a sampler with 17 books, representing Christian fiction in every genre, from sweet Amish romances to psychological thrillers and suspense – and everything in between. Historical, contemporary, western, WWII, sci-fi and fantasy… It’s a great opportunity to try something new. I have eclectic reading habits, so I already own half of these books. Maybe you do, too, so it would be even better if you win the GRAND prize: a $50  Amazon gift card! Seriously… that’s as good as cash. I love Amazon. My book, Baggage Claim, is included in this giveaway.  It’s sort of a hybrid suspense/romance/family/women’s fiction/comedy/drama/coming-of-age/mystery book.  I had so much writing it. It made me laugh and cry even as I wrote it,  and I can’t wait to revisit the Upper Peninsula and all of the characters — especially the kids — in the next book in the Great Lakes series, which I am writing now! So enter to win, because both prizes are awesome! The giveaway ends on February 11th.