Hope Again ~ New Covers, Preorders and a Sale

The past couple months have been busy for me. I’ve been writing, of course, but I also started a Quilt Block of the Month class that’s keeping me busy (it has a fun and active Facebook group!) In addition, I’ve been working on various “bookish” tasks, because my 2021 is dedicated to cleaning up my backlist, finishing series, updating covers and book descriptions, and generally getting things organized. As a beginning author, I made most of the available mistakes, and it’s time to fix them and move forward in the right direction. Excelsior!

Hope Again!

The first and most exciting news is that I’ve rebranded the formerly-known-as Great Lakes series as the Hope Again series. It’s a much more fitting series title, because these books all have elements of restoration and healing. I have brand new covers, too, and the last two books in the series are available for preorder!

Hope Again series by Cathe Swanson


Christmas at the Unity Plenkiss by Cathe Swanson - the Christmas books in the Hope Again series

Right now, to celebrate, you can buy Christmas at the Unity Plenkiss for just 99 cents! That’s the two-book set – Snow Angels and Hope for the Holidays. (It’s also in Kindle Unlimited, if you are a subscriber.) These are the shorter Christmas books in the Hope Again series.

The sale ends on the 12th, though, so get your copy now!

And you know, they’re set in fall and winter, but they really aren’t just Christmas books.  Honest.

I know… Long Shadows has a bit of a western TV show flair to it, but it’s set in Chicago like the others. The title is a reference to the saying: “Old sins cast long shadows.”  The sins in question are not Mona’s, but she’s the one living with the consequences.  Preorder HERE . It releases on April 6, and the price will go up then.

Home Run…. If you read Baggage Claim, you’ll be glad to hear that this is Ben and Phoebe’s book.  They’ve both changed in the past few years! Preorder HERE at a discounted price. It releases on October 5,


Murder at the Empire

Murder at the Empire by Cathe Swanson


Another exciting bit of news is that I’ve written a 1920’s mystery for the Ever After Mysteries series from Celebrate Lit Publishing.  Classic detective stories have always been my favorite, but it was lot harder to write than I expected! Research was fun, though, and I hope I get the opportunity to do some more books in that time period someday.

On February 15th, right here on my blog, I’ll be revealing the cover of my book, Murder at the Empire. I’ve been posting hints on Facebook and Instagram all week. It’s a great cover!  The first book in the Ever After Mysteries series releases in the beginning of July. Mine releases on October 5, but it’s available for preorder now! HERE is the link, but you won’t see the real cover until February 15th.

Other books in the series are by Chautona Havig, Liz Tolsma, Marji Laine, April Hayman, Denise L. Barela and Rebekah Jones.  They’re all inspired by fairy tales!

Don’t forget to come back on February 15th, in the afternoon, to see the cover reveal. Celebrate Lit is planning some fun contests and giveaways over the next couple months!




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