Who Spilled the Beans?

Who Spilled the Beans ~ Ever After Mysteries from Celebrate Lit

It’s day three of the launch festivities for A Giant Murder by Marji Laine. A Giant Murder is Book Two in the Ever After Mystery series from Celebrate Publishing, and the series authors are sharing a fun mini blog hop this week, asking the question: Who Spilled the Beans? There will be prizes, too, of course! If you missed the first two posts, click HERE to start with Liz Tolsma.


Who Spilled the Beans?

Some people say I can’t keep a secret, but they are wrong. I keep plenty of secrets. This particular secret wasn’t mine to share, so I didn’t.

Something is going on. Something bookish. I admit that much, but Celebrate Lit is keeping everything tightly under wraps. Frankly, I’m not a part of it at all. It’s not my business.

So, when a mob of mad librarians cornered me outside the theater, I refused to answer their questions. I wasn’t about to spill the beans to a bunch of bitter book pushers. I explained to them, in all the multi-syllabic words at my command, that they needed to talk to someone with more authority – specifically, that Sandy Barela person.  Or any of the usual suspects: Chautona Havig, Liz Tolsma, Marji Laine… especially Marji Laine, since I’m pretty sure she’s the one who sent the riled librarians my way.

Unfortunately, they wouldn’t believe me. They actually followed me home – a horde of hostile book wranglers – and forced their way into my house. They pressed.  They interrogated me without mercy, torturing me by dog-earing corners and cracking the spines of all my books until I nearly confessed, but then I had the brilliant idea of throwing April Hayman under the bookmobile instead. They took off in hot pursuit, leaving me among the ruins of my battered bookshelves.

Maybe April spilled the beans. It wasn’t me.


More about A Giant Murder….

Would you like a shot of… death with that, sir?

Josephine Jacobs was just doing her job, serving at an exclusive party, so why is she now being accused of shooting TG Taggert?

At a party full of suspects in the murder of Taggert, Josie served the food giant everything but an eternally “parting shot.” Who really killed TG Taggert?  His wife?  His son, Jack?  What about his Harper Davis?  Rumor has it, she was having an affair with him—motive for her or Taggert’s wife! The list of those who seemed to hate him keeps growing, including a chemist and a chef!

With her long-time friend, Office Porter O’Brien, Josie sets out to clear her name and find out who really killed “the giant,” and clear her name.

Find out in this next book in the Ever After Mysteries, combining beloved fairy tales and mysteries.  A Giant Murder offers a retelling of “Jack and the Beanstalk” with enough clues and suspects to keep you looking over your shoulder. We’d recommend Kevlar… but it hasn’t been invented yet!

Ever After Mysteries - Who Stole Cinderella's Shoe?

Ever After Mysteries

The Last Gasp, by Chautona Havig, and A Giant Murder, by Marji Laine, are already available! Watch for upcoming books in the series from Liz Tolsma, Denise Barela, April Hayman, Rebekah Jones and Cathe Swanson.



Murder at the Empire

Murder at the Empire releases on October 5th. You can preorder it now for just $2.99!

Murder at the Empire by Cathe Swanson ~ An Ever After Mystery


Who Spilled the Beans? Visit April Hayman’s website tomorrow for her version of the story!