Free Amish and Historical Christian Romance Books

Many Christian authors offer Kindle editions of one or more of their books free, to bless their readers and introduce them to the rest of their catalog.  I’ve compiled this list of free books (current as of April 2023) for you. Check them out! If you enjoy them, be sure to thank the author with a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever else you like to share your reading. It’s not required, though… these books come with no strings attached! Amish fiction and historical Christian romance novels are fun to read, but I do like having electricity, telephone, the Internet, and my Kindle! Remember that some books are free for a limited time, so be sure to check the prices before you buy them. Free Amish Books ~ Novels and Short Stories False Worship – Book 1 (Amish Faith (False Worship) Series) by Rachel Stoltzfus The Trespasser (Amish Country Brides) by J.E.B. Spredemann Lancaster County Second Chances by Ruth Price Amish Snowflakes: Volume Four: Arms of an Angel by Sicily Yoder Home to Pebble Creek (Free Short Story) (The Pebble Creek Amish) by Vannetta Chapman Amish Romance: Unexpected Family (A Lancaster County Courtship Romance) by Abigail Fisher Lilies on Daybreak Read More

Amish Cooking with Rachel J. Good

Are you a creative cook? It should be easy for most of us. We have year-round access to foods from all over the world, in and out of season. We have refrigerators, stoves and a variety of electric appliances.  Best of all… we have Pinterest! And if we don’t cook, we can still order pizza, right? How creative would you be without all those conveniences? Day after day, three meals a day? I’d probably do great for one week and then we’d starve. My creativity is not manifested in the kitchen, so I asked Rachel J. Good, author of best-selling Amish romances, to tell us how her Amish friends do it. Hi Rachel! What inspired you to write Amish fiction? I grew up near Lancaster, and later when I worked in the library, we had many Amish patrons. I especially loved the Amish children who came to my storytimes. My best friend gave part of her farmland as a right-of-way to an Amish school, so we enjoy watching the children walking or driving their small pony carts to school. I now have many Amish friends in Lancaster County, who have invited me into their homes and lives. I admire their Read More