Free Amish and Historical Romances ~ No Strings Attached!

Update March 28 In this time of self-isolation, many Christian authors are offering their Kindle books free, just to bless readers in this time of uncertainty.  Take this opportunity to fill up your e-reader with good books that glorify God. Amish Fiction and Historical Romance are fun to read, especially if you’re feeling a little isolated in this time of quarantine! Fortunately, we still have electricity, telephone, the Internet, and our Kindles! These books are offered by generous authors who want to bless readers. You can “buy” them free through Amazon, and you can read some of them with your Kindle Unlimited subscription, which is a nice way to bless the author, since the authors still get paid when you read them that way!  It would be really nice to leave a review, too. It doesn’t have to be a long review – just a quick note to say that you enjoyed the book.  It’s not required, though… these books are free, with no strings attached! Remember that most of them are only free for a few days, so be sure to check the prices before you buy them.   Amish Fiction A Sugarcreek Amish Romance (Amish of Sugarcreek Romance Read More

11 Reasons to gift Kindle Books ~ Have a merry clutter-free Christmas

Why to give Kindle Books as Christmas Gifts Everyone knows that books make great gifts, and digital books are especially nice because they are: Inexpensive – most Kindle books are under $10. Some are much cheaper! Environmentally friendly – no physical production or transportation “footprint.” Fast – forgot to shop in advance? Order online and have the gift delivered instantly. You can also schedule the delivery for later, if you are shopping early. Convenient – shop from home, in the proverbial pajamas. Abundant – you can find almost any title on Amazon. Easy to send – you only need the recipient’s email address. Free to deliver – you don’t have to pay postage or stand in line at the post office. Clutter-free – many of us have plenty of “stuff” and limited bookshelf space. Personal – we share books that we think other people will like. Easy to read – you can read Kindle books on a tablet, phone or computer. Or even on a Kindle. Returnable – if your recipient already has the book or is not interested, they can exchange it for an amazon gift card of the same value. How to Give a Kindle Books as a Read More

Are You a Kindle Unlimited Reader?

I recently learned of a great injustice:  When a Kindle Unlimited subscriber borrows and reads a book and then reviews it on Amazon, that review is not a “verified purchase” review.  It is lumped with the other “unverified” reviews. Now, before anyone jumps in to correct me, I admit that “borrowing” is not the same as “purchasing.”  But you have purchased a membership from Amazon, and they know exactly how many pages of that book you read, because they pay the author according to how many pages you read. If they want to quibble, they could call it a “verified read” or “KU read” or something like that. Stand up and be counted If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, it’s because you are a serious reader. Your opinion of a book is worth hearing! You’re paying for that subscription, and you deserve to have your reviews seen and respected. I encourage you to write to Amazon. Emails and phone calls are helpful, but a real letter is most influential. Do all three, if you like.  Let Amazon know that you want your reviews to be given a mark of authority, like that of the “verified purchaser”.  As I suggested Read More