Black Friday Weekend with Chautona Havig!

Oh my goodness! I think I have most of these books, but now that I know how to give kindle books for Christmas, I’m excited to see this sale!

chautona black friday

And the new one is here at last, with freebies for those who buy it by November 30!

catb kindle


QUESTION – have you ever given a kindle book as a gift?

2 thoughts on “Black Friday Weekend with Chautona Havig!

  1. I am going to make a confession: I don’t like Kindle books. I do occasionally read KIndle books and we use them frequently in our homeschool. But I prefer the feel of a book.

    However, a great deal on a great book makes reading on the Kindle worth it! . And last night I was up until 2am reading 31 Kisses by Chautona. It was so good and I loved it!
    I have not given a Kindle book as a gift but I know a person or two who this would work well for.

    • I like kindle books because they are so affordable that I can buy a LOT of them. LOL Also, I don’t have that much shelf space.
      I have also enjoyed the feature that allows you to lend and borrow books. But I do own quite a few paper books, including several by Chautona Havig.

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