Fascinating – Christian Fantasy!


Highlands, by Chautona Havig

Pre-order this now, for 99 cents! Releases automatically to your kindle or kindle app on October 6th.

If you had told me yesterday that I would enjoy a book in the “Contemporary Christian Fantasy” genre – even one by Chautona Havig! – I would have smiled and nodded politely. I have good manners like that.  Well,  she sent me an advance copy. She’s generous like that. She didn’t even ask me to review it!


And I can admit when I’m wrong… this book caught my attention and held it. I meant to just skim, but it sucked me in and I was on chapter six before I realized what I was doing. I have three major projects due for clients, so I pulled out the fabrics I needed and tidied up the sewing room. Then I sat down to read chapters seven and eight. I closed the computer and started quilting. I spent ten minutes on the first table runner and opened the laptop  computer to read chapter nine. And so on.

Ms. Havig drops a modern young athlete (nearly naked!) into a remote, bizarre community. He is confused. He is horrified. He wonders if he has died and is in some sort of afterlife.  And then, with perfect, almost elegant pacing, the story unfolds, revealing a fascinating world in which people have unquestioningly accepted every circumstance as the will of – gifts from – God.  Our hero struggles with understanding their beliefs – and so does the reader. The themes of extreme submission and gratitude are thought-provoking in this context.

I can’t describe the physical effects of the young man’s emotional and  spiritual reactions without sharing too much of the plot, but I will say that the whole concept is FASCINATING. This gifted author continually amazes me with her eclectic creativity.

This is the second in a series. The first, Prairie, was written as a stand-alone book three years ago and is not necessary to the enjoyment of this one.  I’ve had it on my kindle and intend to read it soon.

Highlands is in pre-order right now, for 99 cents! It will be released on October 6th.