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Deepest Roots of the Heart

I’ve been waiting for this one! The author is a friend and actually gave me an advance copy to read, but I was only a couple chapters into it before it was officially available today.

I don’t have time to sit down and read right now, so first thing this morning, I bought the audiobook. At $7.95, it’s cheaper than a movie ticket and eleven hours long. I understand that the reader has a smooth voice with a Hispanic accent – just perfect for this story.

“Deepest Roots of the Heart” is the first in the “Legacy of the Vines” series:

A legacy of faith, love, and family that spans a century of change.

This eleven book saga begins with Deepest Roots of the Heart, a combination prequel and sequel–the tale of a Mexican soldier who escaped death at the Battle of San Jacinto and the heritage he began in the lives of a Californio family and an Americano named Cherith.

The remaining books each focus on a decade of California history and how it affected the Carrillo family of Napa Valley, California.  Follow them through the end of the Californio era, into statehood, and through the Gold Rush.  As the nineteenth century gives way to the twentieth, join the family as they expand the vineyards, see prohibition rip at their livelihood, and discover deeper faith as the depression compounds their troubles.  And finally, as World War II looms on the horizon, weep with them as the end of a respected heritage seems inescapable.

Chautona’s books are always good. She can write in any genre or setting, and I am looking forward to this one. She has thirty books in print (and digital versions), about ten more in process, and at least ten more incubating in the back of her mind, this is her first book published by Waterfall Press and Brilliance Audio.

If you aren’t familiar with her novels, check them out at – all of them are excellent. My favorites are the “Crimes of Fashion” and “The Agency Files” series, but I also like the “Past Forward” books, which were originally introduced as a serial novel. There’s something for everyone: mystery, suspense, fantasy, contemporary romance, young adult, historical fiction, family and community sagas, women’s fiction, fairy tales and even a fun children’s book. Her serial novels are always enjoyable.

Deepest Roots of the Heart” is available for $5.99 on Kindle, $7.95 on Audible, $9.95 in paperback and $8.80 for an MP3 CD.