My Happy Valentine Quilt

valentine quilt1

The observant reader will realize this isn’t actually a quilt; it’s a quilt top. I will not have time for quilting before Valentines Day, but I want to enjoy it, so I pinned it to the front of another quilt and hung it up over my fireplace.  My goal is to get it quilted by next year. In the meantime, it makes me happy to look at it.

The picture makes me feel a little sentimental for another reason. Most of the items shown are special because of their personal associations – my husband made the fireplace for me, the framed Scripture is a gift from a friend, my granddaughter created a few of the items, my mother decoupaged and painted the birdhouse, and I was shopping with her when I found all those little sisal birds and the hedgehog, too! On top of the piano I have pictures of family members, a cross-stitched sampler from a niece, and a beautiful box I purchased while shopping with an old friend – our one visit in over ten years, and we spent much of it at JoAnn Fabrics! I don’t collect a lot of things that don’t have that kind of significance for me, so if there is clutter, it’s happy clutter and I’m keeping it.  (So there!)

My new serial novel features quilts. These are special quilts, chronicling a family’s history over two hundred years.  It isn’t a saga; the episodes will not move in a chronological order but rather bounce through time to portray a complete portrait of a multigenerational family.

The research is fascinating. My parents are avid genealogists, so I am taking advantage of their knowledge of Swedish customs and history, too! I have created a Pinterest board to share some of my ideas while I write.

The Glory Quilts

I haven’t found the title yet. The name of my quilting business – GloryQuilts – would be a fun choice, but it may not fit. I must decide soon –  the first episode will appear on March 1!