Judith Rolfs and Jesus Time

Have you ever met someone who seemed like just another pleasant person? …but then, as you began to know her better, you realized how special she really is and that God set that woman in your life to bless and challenge you?  He does that kind of thing fairly regularly for His children, but sometimes it seems like an extra-sweet blessing. That’s how I feel about Dr. Judith Rolfs.  The longer I know her, the more I appreciate her.  She’s fun and kind and sweet and wise and just shining with faith.

Judith Rolfs is one of those rare authors who can cross genres with skill and flair, writing nonfiction, novels and children’s books.  She also speaks to Christian women’s groups, sharing her heart for marriage and family relationships.  And when I asked if I could interview her here on my blog, she generously agreed to do that, too!

Judith Rolfs Welcome, Judith!

What a pleasure to be a guest on your blog today…

As I read through the devotionals in your new book, Jesus Time:  Love Notes of Wonder and Worship,  I was struck by how intimate and true it feels. Was it hard to be so transparent?

Yes and yes. I feel very vulnerable expressing such deep emotion. It’s one thing to have a fictional character speak intimate words in my mystery novels, but this is me, my voice. I wrote these love notes originally only for Jesus and didn’t intend that anyone to see them. At the same time the longing for intimacy with Jesus is universal and something we all want whether we admit it or not.


Did writing  the 365 Love Notes come easily?

Even though I’ve been a published author for thirty years and Jesus Time is my twentieth book, but I’m not sure if writing is the correct word for how these pages came about. These love notes seemed to literally flow from my pen – I wrote them all in longhand first. They originated from my desire to go deeper with Jesus. I meditated, searched Scripture and prayed. I felt this longing to draw closer to Jesus, to know Him better. Don’t we all want to draw closer? To experience intimacy with the One in whom, through whom and for Him all things were created. Without Him nothing was made.

Jesus Time: Love Notes of Wonder and Worship by Judith Rolfs - interview with Cathe SwansonWhat do you want the reader to take away from Jesus Time:  Love Notes of Wonder and Worship? What overall impression of Jesus would you like them to receive?

First and foremost, that Jesus is our Divine lover who never fails us. This sounds amazing, and it’s true. We can have a supernatural relationship with Him while living in our natural world. Didn’t Jesus say the Kingdom already began when He was on earth? Peace and joy can flow from our intimate connection with Him. I pray these love notes will become like readers’ own thoughts and words to Him. Perhaps even stimulate their journaling to Jesus.

From searching Scripture what impressed you about Jesus that perhaps you hadn’t realized before?

Without a doubt, Jesus’ incredible provision for men, women and children’s emotional and spiritual neediness. He knows human nature so well. He knew we’d need forgiveness. He gives us story after story to reinforce our understanding of his desire to forgive us and love us unconditionally. The prodigal son, the woman caught in adultery, and Peter. Also, Jesus realized in advance we’d need comfort for dealing with life’s hard times so He promised and sent us the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. He wants us to enjoy the life we live so he says over and over, worry not and fear not. Keep glancing at those sparrows – see how they never fret.



What would you like to say to readers?

Jesus was and is super fun, as well as holy. He enjoyed being with people and liked to socialize. He used His human energy wisely often going to the point of exhaustion when meeting needs and teaching. For Him prayer to the father was always a daily priority. He was willing to give of Himself – to be interrupted, to be distracted, to deal gently with pushy and needy people. I appreciate his boldness with the Pharisees and his outspoken denunciation of wrongs. No political correctness concerns. Would that we could all be so bold and authentic.  

You’ve had quite an unusual writing background from writing marriage and parenting books and children’s books teaching moral lessons then on to mystery novels with a message as you call them, to this new endeavor – Jesus Time:  Love Notes of Wonder and Worship. How did this transition come about?

Rather simply actually. Everything I write has the same underlying theme. I’m passionate about God. Whether it’s speaking about Him or writing about Him and I love helping people apply the wisdom of His biblical principles to their lives.

Where can readers learn more about you and your books?

Visit my website or my  Amazon author page

Thanks, Judith! I’m glad to share your book Jesus Time: Love Notes of Wonder and Worship. I hope others find it as encouraging as I did.

Thanks, Cathe, for interviewing me on your blog. It’s a delight to meet your readers. 


Do you keep a journal?

Like Judith Rolfs, I’ve kept prayer journals for years, pouring out my needs, hurts, and gratitude to Jesus on paper.  I write out Scripture passages and prayers of intercession. I prefer hardcover books with spiral bindings that let me open the book flat or even flip the cover to the back side. As the years have gone by, in different seasons of my life, I’ve moved from plain ink to pencil, to (now) colorful gel pens.  I keep a list of “ongoing” prayers in the back of the book.  I’m not at all artistic, so I don’t have any drawings or anything like that.

Do you have a prayer or devotional journal of any kind? What does it look like?