Love Letters – A Simple Ministry of Encouragement

Love Letters ~ A simple ministry of encouragement through cards and letters ~ Cathe SwansonI enjoy making and sending out cards, and whenever I do, the happy response humbles and convicts me. If I can brighten someone’s day with a few minutes of my time and a 49 cent stamp, why am I not doing that more often? The world is full of people who need a happy spot in their day – not only those who are lonely, ill or elderly, but also young moms, college students, military members and families, distant family members and others who don’t outwardly appear to “need” encouragement. Getting a real letter in the mailbox is always a treat!

I’ve decided to be more intentional about blessing others in this easy way, and I hope you will join me. If you sign up, you’ll get a reminder each Saturday, but there are no rules. Send notes when you can, whether it’s once a week, biweekly or monthly. Write long letters, short notes, or postcards. If you have children, this would be a good activity for you to do together!

If you’d like to be a part of this valuable ministry, sign up HERE to receive the weekly email – just a gentle reminder with a few ideas and letter writing prompts to inspire you.  As always, I will not share your email address with anyone else or use it for any purpose other than the Love Letters weekly reminders.

Love Letters

Sending out mail is easier if you are prepared with paper, pens and postage stamps. To get you started, I have a special offer. Go buy a brand new book of postage stamps just for the Love Letters project. Take a selfie with the stamps and email it to me at cathe@catheswanson,com or send it to me  HERE.  I’ll send a handmade card  to the first 25 people who send me pictures. You can use the card to send a note to someone! But you don’t need fancy stationery or a card; I promise you that a simple letter on notepaper will be just as welcome.  (Remember… set those stamps aside and use them just for the Love Letters!)

I look forward to sharing this ministry with you, showing the love of God through the simple act of sending a Love Letter in the mail!


Kindness - Love Letters ~ Cathe Swanson

 Again, I hope you will sign up to receive the Love Letters emails. It’s so easy to brighten someone’s day with a real note or letter in the mail. I plan to send cards weekly, praying for a person before I write and send their note.  Share the love of God and be an encourager!